Video Pre Prod, Production, Editing & Post​




Citizens Advice


Citizens Advice in Chelmsford approached me to request a video edit using footage shot by a local videographer, to create two videos promoting their volunteer program.

Both videos are up on their website.



Ongoing work – I volunteer at, putting together videos as part of their ‘CAT Salon’ series, which are informal, discussion-based presentations for viewers and participants to learn about a climate topic from a climate-conscious expert.

The Glass Studio

Personal Project

A short documentary film profiling a local, stained glass window designer and craftsman who started as an apprentice and has since inherited the business.

This project was my own work from start to finish, over a period of two years.

Newhall Vineyards

Professional project

A short behind-the-scenes documentary commissioned by Essex-based Vineyard, to show a full year in the life of this traditional family business.

Filming was partly me and partly outsourced to drone expert Philip London. I carried out all editing, audio and grading.

Due to the length of the project organisation was key, including the categorisation and tagging of footage, allowing for fast retrieval during the edit.

Bone Zeno

Music video

A no-budget music video for German rock band Bone Zeno, after a 2 day shoot.

Practice Exercise

PERSONAL project

Slow edit of a garden after an afternoon April shower.

Practice exercise: Shot, recorded, edited, soundtracked and uploaded in 4 hours.

Leigh Music Co

Professional project

Vlog gear-review piece for local music shop Leigh Music Co.

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