Sony FX9 Campaign

with Blue Serif

The Task

The campaign for the release of Sony’s FX9 camera required a landing page, a web page, visual assets, a set of photographs of the camera in action, a photoshoot showing the camera on a model, and video to promote the live streaming capabilities of the camera. I was able to work with Sony cinematographer Alister Chapman in order to provide art direction on the video shoot, and working with the Sony in-house marketing team on web design for these pages through multiple iterations and approval from various teams before supplying assets and working with the site developers to get the pages live.

The Client

As they are a large company with a number of departments, working on any Sony web design and subsequent asset creation means following a strict guideline document to ensure consistency with the rest of the site, and to ensure the various developers in-house at Sony are able to translate our design work effectively.

I was having regular meetings as the department manager I was working with would need to get the design approved by his managers, we often work this way doing a series of iterations once feedback is recieved.

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let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake