Royal Caribbean​

Product UX Design


The Product

Royal Caribbean’s new cruise-booking software comes in two parts; the staff-facing interface and client-facing interface. This allows staff to create, and amend, multi-faceted cruise bookings on behalf of their clients, as well as allowing clients to book and amend their own cruises via the login portal on the Royal Caribbean website.

The Task

My role here was working on the internal, staff-facing interface which was already in high-fidelity design production, past the wireframe stage when we received it. We were asked to add efficiency to the User Experience by designing parts of the UX whilst maintaining the UI design by adhearing to their style guide, adding new elements where necessary. Each section of the product user journey was broken into Sprints by the USA team, I was part of their conference calls twice a week to discuss progress, talk through designs and receive briefs for the next piece of work.

Order Modify UX

These screens illustrate the User journey for modifying a booking on behalf of a guest, the bookings/orders shown here are part of the Services category which ranges from day-trip experiences to on-board entertainment.

The User will have clicked on the blue ‘MODIFY’ links in the top right of each service card.

This workflow describes how you would modify the date/time of an order, showing any conflicting orders for each time slot. Once the order is amended, a dismissable notification displays in the top right corner. The client was keen to show the user how much availability was left for each time slot, which I was able to visualise by adding a blue bar below each slot.

The Result

This was an enjoyable job stretching across various aspects of the product, working as part of a huge, global team was great fun.

let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake

let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake