Garvin Industries‚Äč

Product UX Design


The Task

The Garvin Industries website was being redesigned in line with their new business partners Southwire Ltd. 

Product Category, Listing and Detail pages

Both the Product Category (PCP) and Product Listing (PLP) page designs needed to fit around the pre-existing page designs on Garvin’s current site, whereas the Product Detail Page (PDP) would need to carry across the same information as on the current site, but a full redesign was acceptable.

The below images show the PCP, PLP, then clicking through to the PDP, showing the UX of adding products to the cart, along with various notification types depending on available stock. The last few images show the shopping cart screens, allowing for the user to edit the cart, apply promotional codes and view any deals/offers that have been applied.


The checkout designs went through a series of iterations, after being reviewed by various teams on the Client’s side. I amended according to their requests, however tried to remain thoughtful throughout this process. I could also suggest ideas that incorporate their requests in an alternative solution.

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let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake