EcoSwap App

Personal Project Ongoing


The Concept

EcoSwap is an app idea allowing users to learn about ways to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint by swapping old habits for sustainable ideas, techniques and products.

The app suggests eco-friendly versions for everyday products found in various lifestyle categories such as household cleaning, travel or clothing. The search function is filterable, allowing users to search for products or for DIY ideas/suggestions, to define the average price range of a product or the difficulty of a DIY idea, online shopping vs in-store, local businesses only, etc.

The Prototype

This prototype was put together using Sketch and InVision. After getting some rough branding in place I then chose to focus on designing effective usability. The design strategy included mapping out all potential user journeys and ensuring each route was considered and direct.

The Planning Process

I spent some time getting ideas down, thinking about the user journey, considering any challenges or potential opportunities to expand, clarify, or reduce the user’s options.

Drawing out an overall map of the various routes and screens was really beneficial when it came to cutting out unnecessary paths or clicks, and also linking different screens/areas together making them accessible from places other than the main menu. 


The project is still very much a work in progress. I wanted to document the process here, explaining my ideas and decisions.

let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake

let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake