Software used:

The Client

The Cohero website helps busy parents and guardians with their children’s school life by creating an online community, connecting one another.

The site was designed for users to create a beautiful, easy-to-use online account, featuring filterable directories, and the ability to create and comment on posts, buy and sell listed items, and make recommendations to other parents.

The Task

The visual branding for Cohero meant an upbeat, informal style whilst maintaining clarity and class. I was keen to tie the many areas of the site together through subtle use of various playful elements.

My Role

I had created a set of wireframes for a selection of the main site pages in order for the project manager to work with the developer to decide what sort of platform the site would need. 

The client supplied us an initial homepage design which was actually based on these wireframes (see supplied homepage below), featuring the exact illustrative imagery, typefaces and colour palette they wanted to use, as well as being happy with the layout. 

I then designed each page, creating options or showing hover states where necessary. Using Sketch meant I could create a control panel of colours, typefaces, symbols, etc which I enjoy setting up – allowing for a fast build with quickly implemented amends – and using InVision meant an interactive prototype for the client.

I did also help out the developer with loading and applying some of the assets to the site during the build.

Landing page before user joins up - PROVIDED BY CLIENT
Homepage once user is logged in
User Account Management screens
Category Search and Item Listings
Create a Listing, Make a Recommendation

let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake

let's Connect, communicate, collaborate & eat cake